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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của Vsco full apk dành cho bạn.

VSCO is one of the most trusted photo editing apps today. Not only is there a wide range of filters and effects available, but VSCO is also popular for its simplicity, speed, and profound capabilities presented on its efficient minimalist interface.


  • Introduce about VSCO
    • Take your photo to the next level
    • What is VSCO?
    • Beautiful and plentiful presets
    • Professional photo and video editing app
    • 200 presets to choose from
    • Profile is where you show your personality
    • Studio
    • VSCO Space
    • Collage Mode
  • MOD APK version of VSCO
    • MOD features
  • FAQs about VSCO
    • Some questions from users
    • About MOD APK version
  • Download VSCO APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about VSCO

Make your photo more gorgeous with VSCO!

Take your photo to the next level

If you want to save beautiful photos as a souvenir, you want to post photos on Facebook, but where do good photos come from if you’re not a Photoshop expert, or don’t have the best photos from an expensive dedicated camera?

We may not have those. But we have VSCO.

VSCO is a familiar name to many young people, especially those who need to use social networks a lot. You can customize the detailed image parameters yourself (light and dark, shadow, tone, depth, heat, etc.) or you can adjust the speed with the presets available in this app.

What is VSCO?

VSCO is the most effective, fast, profound, convenient, and most used image editing application on mobile today. With just a few simple steps, you can make your photo more beautiful and can directly share it on social networks.

The difference that makes VSCO brand is 3 factors:

  • Simple operation but professional results.
  • Can interfere extensively with the image.
  • Simplify all operations, aim for speed for users.

The most special feature of VSCO is the available presets. These presets help users to edit photos extremely quickly in many different artistic styles without having to go deep into editing every detail, or image-related element.

Beautiful and plentiful presets

VSCO currently has more than 200 different presets. These can be seen as photo editing templates. They are pre-made with their own detail indicators and from there change the colors, details, and different effects on an image.

Instead of changing each element individually, when using Preset, all of those changes are made available in combos, you just need to increase or decrease the effectiveness of the combo on the image without having to correct every detail.

The presets in VSCO have in common being professional and modern. Use them to apply to your photo, you will immediately see the difference before and after.

Professional photo and video editing app

If you do not like any of the presets that VSCO has, you can completely edit each element to your liking.

The photo editing tools in VSCO are considered very powerful. There is a separate window that appears for these operations. You can customize the frame border, add effects, adjust color space, light, dark, shadow, depth, sharpness…

VSCO can also help you edit videos with a similar set of tools for photo editing. Videos after being improved and added effects will become more vivid and seamless. VSCO is not a video specialist, mostly focusing on photo editing, but once you use this app, its video editing capabilities will surely surprise you.

If you don’t know, Picsart also has a huge photo editing community.

200 presets to choose from

VSCO has more than 200 different presets with a variety of themes from vintage, retro, classic, animated to modern, and even supports creating and editing GIFs in a personal style. You will be supported to take photos through the special filter of VSCO CAM, making the photos always smoother and more attractive than professional mechanical photography.

Not only that, users can edit at all levels from basic to advanced in each of their photos until they are satisfied through an intuitive, easy-to-understand interface. A side point that is also commendable is that VSCO CAM is completely free, when used without being bothered by advertising videos or annoying watermarks.

Profile is where you show your personality

Like your Profile on Instagram, VSCO also has a Profile feature, where you share your photos and some personal information. Not only that, but this is also a place where you can express your personality and creativity through the photos you share. When people visit your Profile, make them really impressed.


If you use Facebook or Instagram, you must delete it or leave the photo in Only Me mode. With VSCO, you can “hide” the photos you don’t want to share in Studio. Simply put, this is where you keep the photos you edit before posting to your Profile or News Feed.

VSCO Space

A feature exclusive to VSCO Membership. Space is where you and your friends share photos and leave your comments on each photo. For safety and inspiration purposes, to avoid spamming or leaving malicious comments, each Space only allows 15 users to contribute content. Of course, anyone can visit Space, but they can only watch and can’t do anything else.

Collage Mode

VSCO’s new feature in 2022. Different from the usual editing mode, Collage Mode gives you extremely artistic photo layout to add creativity to old photos.

FAQs about VSCO

Some questions from users

About MOD APK version

Download VSCO APK & MOD for Android

Like many famous apps, there are always shortcomings, VSCO is not a comprehensive photo editing tool. For example, VSCO cannot completely replace the phone’s original camera because there is no continuous shooting mode or self-timer shooting. HDR and Live Photos. With video, it is also not possible to shoot slo-mo or shoot a wide panorama.

But ignoring all that, in particular in terms of editing, and customizing images and videos that are already available, VSCO is the best choice for you.

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