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VMOS PRO 2.9.6 APK + MOD (Unlocked) Download – APKMODY

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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của Vmos pro mod dành cho bạn.

Are you trying to download some websites or some apps on Google Play for your Android device but you cannot install them because it requires root permission? Don’t worry, VMOS PRO MOD APK – emulator app will be one of the top solutions for you.


  • Introduce about VMOS PRO
    • What is VMOS PRO?
    • Configuration required
    • VMOS PRO creates a virtual environment in Android
    • VMOS PRO supports copying and moving existing apps
    • Give users a Root space
    • VMOS PRO supports parallel use of two accounts
    • VMOS PRO helps you to adjust the resolution optimally
    • VMOS PRO supports downloading Google apps on all devices
    • VMOS PRO supports the parallel use of two monitors
  • MOD APK version of VMOS PRO
    • MOD feature
  • FAQs
  • Download VMOS PRO APK for Android

Introduce about VMOS PRO

Android emulator application on the Android operating system itself!

What is VMOS PRO?

It can be said that one of the biggest advantages of the Android operating system is its strong customization ability, users can arbitrarily adjust their devices. But the problem is, to be able to customize it optimally, you need to go through the Root opening phase, you can imagine it similar to iOS Jailbreak. However, if there is a risk with the process of opening the device Root, the risk that your phone will be disabled and errors occur is very large.

Therefore, VMOS PRO was born with the idea of ​​​​developing an Android emulator (like a second space), allowing you to install apps that require root access. This is considered a virtual software box that keeps it separate from the external system and is installed as a regular application for Android or Linux. Users can rest assured that it is extremely safe and extremely secure.

Configuration required

Below are configuration suggestions that will work with VMOS PRO, but some lower devices can still be used stably.

You should use the Android operating system to download this app, but note that it is recommended to use it for Android 5.0 and above.

You should install the application on a device with 32GB of internal memory and 3GB of RAM for a smoother installation process.

And a little small requirement, the device needs to be fully granted system permissions.

Some outstanding features of VMOS PRO!

VMOS PRO creates a virtual environment in Android

VMOS PRO provides users with an emulated virtual environment that provides exceptional touch controls. With other apps, users are required to register for an account, but coming to VMOS PRO, you do not have to register an account to use any of its services. Once you’ve set up and activated the app, you can use the toolkit. This tools menu supports your android virtual environment with necessary controls like hardware control of your phone including the power on button, volume up/down button, and back button,…

The interface of the virtual environment in Android follows every detail and every major and minor feature of a standard Android operating system, so it also provides the ability to connect to the network and perform operations with apps such as interacting with Android’s system, using Google services, web browsers, and other standard apps.

VMOS PRO supports copying and moving existing apps

This virtual app provides copying and forwarding features from the system with just a few very simple taps. With this feature, you don’t have to spend too much time resetting other apps.

Give users a Root space

While other emulators require quite complex operations, VMOS PRO does not. If you want to run special rooting applications without having to operate on the system center, then VMOS PRO is the most powerful and useful tool for you. The rooting speed of this application is quite fast and smooth, with no lag like you use the main device, reducing time consumption.

On the main system, when accessing specific functionality of various applications it will require additional root access. Moreover, it also requires performing root operations many times, so it will make users feel uncomfortable. However, with this tool, you only need to root once, you can use that applies easily and it will also reduce the risk of system-centric failure.

VMOS PRO supports parallel use of two accounts

If you have two accounts for an application, or a social networking site Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp… instead of constantly logging in and out many times, you can create more virtual apps on the same device thanks to the support of VMOS PRO. This is very beneficial for users, as you can effectively separate personal accounts and work accounts.

VMOS PRO helps you to adjust the resolution optimally

This virtual Android emulator makes it possible for players to change the resolution for smoother enjoyable experiences. Depending on your choice, you can adjust at 1080×1920 or 720×1280 or a new resolution that suits your device configuration.

VMOS PRO supports downloading Google apps on all devices

As you know, Google is the company that publishes the Android operating system. As a result, most Android devices include Google services like Gmail, Play Store, Google Maps, and Games. However, recently, some Chinese devices such as Huawei have been sanctioned by US authorities. This includes the fact that Google stops providing all services to this manufacturer. That is also why, although Huawei uses the Android operating system, you will not be able to use any Google services.

However, VMOS PRO can improve this situation. Through the virtual operating system, you can completely use Google Maps or Play Store to download official applications on devices like Huawei.

VMOS PRO supports the parallel use of two monitors

One of the highlights of VMOS PRO is the dual-monitor feature, where you can use two apps at the same time.

The two screens are used side-by-side and can easily be adjusted as a floating window, moving or resizing the screen will not have any effect on the central system. In addition, the two monitors operate independently of each other, so if one of the screens has a fault or interruption, it will not be related to the other monitor.

This allows you to effectively save time, as you can tackle multiple tasks at once and easily manage your work and personal entertainment needs.


Download VMOS PRO APK for Android

With the information that we share, surely you can also appreciate some of the benefits that VMOS PRO brings. In addition to the disadvantage of consuming app memory, VMOS PRO is quite perfect to give you the best experience of a virtual operating system. Hopefully, with the article, you can consider and try this great app.

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