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YouTube Vanced APK v2.6.2 Official – Vanced Manager Download

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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của Vanced apk dành cho bạn.

How to Install for Android

Now you need to know how to install this app for Android. So before you install this app, you will need to download this app from here. And you can download YouTube Vanced Mod APK which will be required to install Vanced MicroG for Google Sign in.

But if you download YouTube Vanced Manager APK from here, then you don’t need to download any app from here. The manager app will provide you all latest version YouTube Vanced, YouTube Vanced Music, Vanced MicroG, in same place. In one word, the manager app is a vanced store and vanced installer tool.

And here from you will know how to install YouTube Vanced Manager app on your Android for free.

Step 01: Download the APK file from the provided link, and make sure you have enabled the unknown source from your setting. To enable the setting, go to your device setting>> security>> enable unknown source. (the method maybe different for your device, it’s depend on your device UI).

Step 02: Now visit your file manager and click the downloaded APK file, then installation process will start. It will take few moments and ones it will be done your Vanced Manager app will be ready to use.

That’s it, but if you want to install this app on your MIUI device then you have to turn off an additional setting which is known as MIUI optimization. It’s necessary to do, to know how to turn off MIUI optimization, read here.

Common Error And Their Solution

Here are some easy solutions If these solutions can’t fix your problems, Then please create issues here.

Problem: If There Were No Internet Connection Error?

Solutions: Simply just remove your account from Vanced MicroG or You can also try VPN (If you have and try again). Do wipe your Vanced MicroG & YouTube Vanced & YouTube Music Vanced app data and cache then enable auto start for Vanced MicroG if you have used huge customized Android version including MIUI, OneUI, FlymeOS, HarmonyOS, etc.

Problem: App Not Installed?

Solutions: Now just simply free some storage space and then try again Here you have to uninstall official YouTube Vanced client downloaded from Vanced Manager after that reinstall. Reason : Mismatch signature. Then make sure you have already downloaded Universal version of YouTube Vanced/YouTube Music Vanced.

Problem: App Crash When Opening?

Solutions: Reinstall or install Vanced MicroG, Just turn off battery optimization for Vanced MicroG. Then Allow Vanced MicroG to run on the background after that auto start (on heavy customized OS : MIUI, OneUI, FlymeOS, HarmonyOS, etc.) Wipe app data and cache. Reinstall YouTube Vanced client.

Problem: Not Responding When Watch Videos?

Solutions: If you ever get your YouTube Vanced not responding when you try to watch a video, Then the reason is returning YouTube Dislike Button, So once trying to get the dislikes from the API, but due to poor network conditions, RYD unable to get the metrics, resulting in unresponsive YouTube. Turn off RYD in settings if you often have unstable network connection.

Problem: Is It Not Responding While Not Watch Any Videos?

Solutions: Simply check your mobile device and make sure the official latest version of YouTube still run well on your device, Older devices will often have this problem because the hardware is too old.

Problem: There was a Problem Parsing The Package?

Solutions: Here you have to check your Android version, Then make sure your current Android version meet minimum required of Android version. or Redownload APK file.

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