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The Sun: Origin v2.2.4 MOD APK + OBB (Menu, Unlimited Money)

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The Sun: Origin owns an open world full of dangers from toxic environments too dangerous enemies. You will be able to find the necessary items to start your journey. At the same time, you can interact with people and objects you feel are necessary to collect what you need and even find new weapons. A series of quests are waiting for you to complete.

The Sun: Origin


In The Sun: Origin, the story will be set in future years, and there is an unstable forecast for solar energy. The sun is about to release a type of energy, which affects living things on Earth and needs to be dealt with. But the officials of their countries did not heed the warnings from the scientists but focused on the meaningless battles, and things became more complicated when the energy flow appeared.

When the energy flow was released, the people on Earth were severely affected and died soon after. At the same time, the flow of energy is also the cause to create radioactive waves and make the terrestrial world uninhabitable. Since then, some humans have taken precautions, and the bunker is a safe solution. Safe living does not last many years, the food they have is also exhausted, and they will need to go to the surface to find what they need and face the challenge.

The Sun: Origin


In The Sun: Origin, players will control the character from the first-person perspective and have the necessary items and weapons to begin their exploration. At the same time, at the start of the game, the game also provides useful information with full illustrations that the player can take advantage of. You will need to skill these elements to help you survive better and pay attention to your character’s dangerous states.

As mentioned above, the world the main character is in is full of radioactive energy, so that you will see the poison icon and its corresponding pellet color on the right side of the screen. Depending on the border color, you will need to have many different accents. The green color indicates that the damage is not a concern, the yellow color is starting to have specific negative effects, and the red color means that your body is having a problem and you need to find a way to treat it properly.

The Sun: Origin


Besides the dangerous effects in The Sun: Origin, you pay attention to many other factors, such as the enemies you need to face. Specifically, some creatures have been contaminated with radiation and turned into monsters with a rather deformed appearance. They will try to attack you, and after you defeat them, you can pick up some items that drop from them. In addition, the number of human enemies using weapons is a concern, but you can find much valuable equipment from them.

There will be a series of tasks that you can perform in this game, and of course, you will get a full range of different information to try to complete it. At the same time, you can also interact with various objects and learn the stories in the game.

The Sun: Origin

Traveling in a post-apocalyptic world gives you many exciting feelings:

  • The game context is set in a chaotic and highly radioactive world that has led to the death of humans.
  • Some survivors have lived in hiding for many years, and now they return to the surface searching for life’s necessities.
  • You will control the character to go through and explore many different lands in the game to learn the story and complete various quests.
  • The world has dangerous effects, and depending on their level, you will need to be careful and use the corresponding items.
  • The number of enemies in this game is wholly varied from modified monsters to humans, and they will help you.
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