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Download Tank Stars MOD APK 1.6.5 (Unlimited Money) for Android

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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của Tank stars lmhmod dành cho bạn.

Video Tank stars lmhmod

Tank Stars mod is a game that helps gamers have to drive the most advanced tanks in World War II, and immerse themselves in the encounter. and destroy every enemy before your eyes.

About Tank Stars Mod

Review of shooting for enthusiasts, Free Fire, Evowars.io, Creative Destruction, VALORANT Mobile, PUBG Mobile…are always shooting games with very useful content. . In addition, when it comes to coordinate shooting games, one cannot miss a very popular game called Tank Stars by Playgendary.

Tank Stars
About Tank Stars

At this moment, the game is available on both ios and android platforms, you can download it to your device 100% free. LMHMOD would like to introduce you to the functions of this game.

How to Play Tank Stars

Play Tank Stars gameplay involves operating your own tank solo against other tanks on a brutal battlefield, where victory is reserved for the most recognized and talented gunners.

Tank Stars
How to Play Tank Stars

This game has a turn-based style, which means that when it’s your turn, you need to align the power and direction of the tank and then watch the enemy’s tank be destroyed. It will be extremely dangerous if you miss because later it will be the opponent’s turn, they are likely to destroy you at any time.

Tank Stars Mod gameplay

In addition to normal ammo types, you are more likely to launch rockets to attack enemies. In addition, this function can only be used once per match so you can only use it when it is really needed.

Your things to do are easy: destroy all enemies to win. Simple gameplay makes it convenient for users to use on the small screen of a phone, because the game does not require you to do not simple actions. If you’ve mastered bowmasters, we’ll quickly start a new relationship with many of the main things from the first playthrough.

Unlock tanks

In Tank Stars, users will experience the most advanced fighting machines of World War II. You have the ability to unlock a variety of different tanks with a variety of shades.

The game’s arsenal is also very rich with bullets such as france, nuclear bombs, … Will make you feel excited. Remember to upgrade your tanks to make them stronger and better protect against enemy attacks.

Tank Stars
Unlock tanks


Assuming you’re someone else who enjoys casual games, Tank Stars is a no-brainer decision. Unlike World of Tanks, this game has 2d visuals and has been simplified in every detail.

Background image, conveniently compatible with many different mobile phones, likely to run smoothly on low-profile phones. Simple and intuitive information connection is scientifically built, suitable for mobile screens.

Two main modes

In offline mode, you need to fight the tanks driven by the machine. They have the ability to shoot very accurately so you have no right to miss. This is the mode that makes you practice your marksmanship. In addition, when playing this mode we will earn a lot of money and have the opportunity to unlock many different tanks.

Tank Stars
Two main modes

But, I usually play in online mode, where you have the ability to challenge any user from around the world. Beat them and climb to the top positions on the leaderboard. Featured, you can see which country the user is from by the flag on their tank.

Many main functions of Tank Stars

  • Playful coordinate shooting gameplay.
  • Rich arsenal, diverse tanks.
  • Simple 2d images, visually connecting information.
  • Real-time online pvp mode.
  • Play with comrades.
  • Compact capacity.


How many modes are there in Tank Stars?

In this game the publisher provides 2 modes for online and offline play. In offline mode, you need to fight the tanks driven by the machine.

Is it possible to play offline mode?

You can completely play offline mode. However, you should try to experience playing online to be more attractive.

Is there a fee to download the Tank Stars mod?

Download games at LMHMOD completely free and safe for your device.

Download Tank Stars MOD for Android iOS

Tank Stars is a great entertainment game in today’s summer days. Win or die. Have you fully prepared everything to immerse yourself in a great battle in this game?

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