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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của Tải minecraft 1.12 pc dành cho bạn.

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Logo Minecraft 1.12 Minecraft is a game project that has been continuing to develop since it first appeared. Every time the developers are ready to please us with interesting innovations, as well as the players themselves who create modifications. This time we are waiting for the game version of the Minecraft 1.12 client, which you will surely like. After all, it brings a lot of new play moments to the game that can be both important and interesting. Next, we’ll look at what the new version of the game is going to bring.

Mobs make up a large part of the population of this virtual world, so it is not surprising that the developers are constantly adding new mobs. For example, the new game version will add a Parrot, which will be a great ally to your character. What’s so interesting about it? Parrot has not only 6 life hearts, but also has a unique ability to reveal the rival. If you incite it on the enemy, it will haunt him and make sounds, which allow to determine where exactly the enemy is, how far he is and what he’s doing. In addition to useful functionality, the Parrot has 6 original color options of appearance.

Parrots screenshot 2 in Minecraft 1.12

Parrots screenshot 1 in Minecraft 1.12

In addition to the friendly mob in the game, there will be a hostile one – called the Illusionist. He is aggressive, immediately attacks the player and can be called by the “/summon illusion_illager” console command. He uses a powerful bow as a weapon, can cause illusions in the form of his clones and use invisibility. You can fight with him, just be careful, because he can impose the effect of blindness on you for 20 seconds, and in this case you will not be able to cope with it.

Illusionist screenshot 2 in Minecraft 1.12

Illusionist screenshot 1 in Minecraft 1.12

Construction is an integral part of the game adventure, so it’s not surprising that this area is also constantly updated. For example, this time a new block called ‘cement’ will be added to the game. It will come in handy as a not so strong material for construction, but can be used for making concrete, which you will surely need. Concrete has increased strength and is not so easy to destroy. As for the cement, in addition to the personal appearance, it will acquire a wide range of colors, which you will surely like and which will definitely expand your horizons and basic construction opportunities.

Cement screenshot 1 in Minecraft 1.12

Cement screenshot 2 in Minecraft 1.12

Cement screenshot 3 in Minecraft 1.12

This also applies to concrete, which will acquire 16 different colors, among which you will find exactly what you have long dreamed of.

Concrete screenshot 1 in Minecraft 1.12

Concrete screenshot 2 in Minecraft 1.12

Concrete screenshot 3 in Minecraft 1.12

Also, the so-called glazed tile is added to the game, which looks interesting and for sure will be used as an excellent and pleasant decoration. It will be possible to get it by burning clay, the process of which will give not only the original coloration, but also the shape of your new decoration element..

Glazed Tile Screenshot 1 in Minecraft 1.12

Glazed Tile Screenshot 2 in Minecraft 1.12

Glazed Tile Screenshot 3 in Minecraft 1.12

In addition to the above features, the update includes many small details. For example, now a system of tips will be implemented the game that will allow beginners to immediately understand all the nuances of the playing process and get acquainted with the game.

System prompts screenshot 1 in Minecraft 1.12

System prompts screenshot 2 in Minecraft 1.12

Now players will have at their disposal a completely new system of achievements, which will surely appeal to those who hunt for the result. No need to worry, now there will be much more achievements, and you will definitely enjoy your new adventures.

New achievements in Minecraft 1.12

Interesting changes have also been made to the bed in Minecraft. Now aggressive zombie pig people will not be able to affect the character’s sleep and prevent him from spending time calmly.

The range of sounds has been significantly improved. New voice options have been added and the old options have been much improved. Therefore, you can safely replay the adventure, new sensations from the atmosphere are guaranteed.

The problem associated with the magma unit has been corrected. Now, if you set fire to it, it will burn and infinitely will go out only in case of its destruction.

The main transportation piston has been changed. If it can’t move the object, it will start to make distinctive sounds that will immediately indicate the problem. You do not have to manually check each piston for problems.

Interesting mechanics of enchanting the bow is now added. Earlier it was necessary to enchant arrows separately from the bow, now they can be added together to the point of enchantment, and together they will get the desired effect. Moreover, if you shoot standard arrows from an enchanted bow, they will acquire a similar effect, but in more simplified format.

Graphic changes have been made to wool and flags, and now they look much brighter. A nice little thing!

Changes in the flags in Minecraft 1.12

The bed has long had only one color option, so in the new update it has 16 options of coloration.

New coloring of the bed screenshot 1 in Minecraft 1.12

New coloring of the bed screenshot 2 in Minecraft 1.12

Now there’s a special Recipe Book button in the inventory, which has received a lot of graphic and system items. Now it’s quite convenient to learn the recipes and view the necessary requirements.

The book of recipes screenshot 1 in Minecraft 1.12

The book of recipes screenshot 2 in Minecraft 1.12

A special book of knowledge has been added to the game that allows you to open items in the recipe book. To get the book of knowledge, you have to use the “Minecraft: knowledge_book” command.

Knowledge Book in Minecraft 1.12

Now one can save the item of inventory in the creative mode. Now, by combining Ctrl and number buttons (1 to 9), one can save up to 9 quick inventory options.

Saving inventory in Minecraft 1.12

The inventory has been slightly changed, namely the location of the ‘Materials’ tab, which is now moved to the ‘Miscellaneous’.

Saved Inventories in Minecraft 1.12

As you can see, the new version of Minecraft 1.12 has received quite a lot of updates and now all this can become yours. Simply download Minecraft 1.12 for free from our website, and you will be able to personally test all the available innovations. Enjoy the game!

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