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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của Sqube darkness mod apk dành cho bạn.

Sqube Darkness is a game where players control a square character with a characteristic black color that helps this character blend into the environment. You will control the character and reach the farthest distance while dodging enemies and obstacles. At the same time, with some support items, you can overcome many difficult situations ahead.

Sqube Darkness


In Sqube Darkness, the player controls a movable block, and its enemies are The Eyes, entities that can sense movement and perform attacks. So, players will control the character to move through many different roads and dodge enemies’ attacks. The gameplay has quite similar characteristics to the running-to-infinity genre, but there will be one feature that you will need to pay attention to.

The character will move in a 2D environment with the primary black color to blend into different environments to avoid enemies. You will control the moves of this character instead of letting this character move automatically. At the same time, this also requires the player’s observation skills and reasonable tactics to overcome the dangers. Therefore, players will spend time traveling long distances in the game.

Sqube Darkness


Players will move and perform jumps to jump over spikes effortlessly in Sqube Darkness. At the same time, you will see The Eyes and the area to identify moving targets. So the strategy for you to survive these enemies is to choose a type of terrain and stand nearby. You will see the character become one with the terrain, and indeed the enemies will not recognize you.

Entering another terrain for camouflage can all be done quickly by the player, but there will be many factors that the player will need to take care of. Specifically, this camouflage is only applied when it is not in the scanning area of The Eyes. So if an enemy comes and you start to hide, they will quickly identify and attack you continuously until you are defeated. These attacks will be dodged, but sometimes you will get caught in the middle of the scanning area of many enemies.

Sqube Darkness

Besides the main enemies, players also need to consider other enemies and obstacles. A spike can appear and disappear over a period that you need to be careful to come across. Also, some enemies can see you and launch towards you to deal damage.


Besides the player’s skills in Sqube Darkness, they can also take advantage of many exciting support elements. As you move, you will see four icons corresponding to 4 different features, and they all have many uses. You can take advantage of elements such as the matrix that can help you move faster than your enemies, safe grounds creating a convenient and safe path for the character, and many useful factors.

Sqube Darkness

The game offers levels of hiding from enemies with impressive hiding strategies:

  • Players will control the character with the shape of a black square that can hide from the surrounding environment.
  • The enemies of this square are The Eyes that can detect movement and launch attacks to destroy the target.
  • You will face different challenges when evading the scanning of these entities with reasonable observation and evasion skills.
  • Many obstacles may appear before you and bring about difficult times that you must find a way to solve.
  • Many useful items can support the character for a short period and help it overcome enemies quickly.
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