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Soul Knight v5.0.4 MOD APK (Free Shopping, Unlocked, Mega Menu)

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Soul Knight is one of the best rogue-like dungeon crawlers with high replayability and a large amount of content for regular entertainment. Moreover, the variety of main characters is the gameplay’s focus, along with many creative random challenges that will always bring you the most exciting emotions.

Soul Knight


Character diversity is the game’s highlight, where each person uses a unique weapon or skill to destroy all the enemies in the dungeon. The character upgrade system is also intensive. Each of them is designed with lovable personalities to bring a friendly and fun atmosphere to each other during the character selection process. Over time, you can unlock more new characters and experience the unique fighting styles they bring to you.

Soul Knight


Besides the character, the weapon system in the game is out-of-the-box, where creativity has no limits and always gives you more new ideas to create more destructive combos. You will have a wide selection of melee, guns, bows, shields, and many epic weapons or sci-fi guns to destroy all enemies in the most eye-catching way. You can also discover the hidden effects of each weapon and unleash their special abilities to destroy all enemies with excitement and entertainment.

Soul Knight


Every time you pass three levels, the game will let you choose one of three random buffs with impressive resonance and help you go further in the dungeons. The uses of the buffs are random to choose from, but you can combine the effects to become invincible or fight more flexibly in many environments. The game will feature tons of buffs for you to collect and empower your protagonist in each playthrough, and you can even grow unique plants to give you starter buffs.

Soul Knight


All dungeons and levels are randomly generated to stimulate the atmosphere and give you a more adventurous experience. The most exciting thing is that the structure and appearance of monsters are random, so every fight becomes tense or entertaining as you go deeper into the dungeon. Depending on your distance, many new enemies will appear, give you real challenges, and prepare for the worst to face the dangers lurking in each instance.

Soul Knight


The additional game modes are perfect in many ways and just as entertaining as the main mode to spark adventure. You can fight countless enemies, change weapon styles, and many other elements that each game mode brings throughout your gameplay experience. More game modes will open and promise you absolute creativity in taking advantage of the dungeon crawler and rogue-like elements.

Soul Knight


The in-game crafting and upgrading system is full of depth and exciting expansions to make your base or starters more enjoyable. You can change certain atmospheres in the house, add new items, and expand the workshop to craft or interact with more items. More new weapon content will also expand upon your collectibles over time and give you all the amenities you need to enjoy the game fully.


  • Twenty or more distinct heroes—a rogue, an elf archer, a wizard… There is always an option that fits your playstyle properly.
  • 400+ weapons, including guns, swords, and shovels… There are several methods to eliminate the pesky critters from orbit!
  • Dungeons produced at random—dark woodlands teeming with goblins, old chateaus filled with undead… Raid on a plethora of monster dens to acquire prizes and interact with various NPCs.
  • Auto-aim system for super-easy control. Dodge, fire, and cast skill—score incredible combinations with a few presses. Controller assistance is provided.
  • Multiplayer mode is now accessible! Join pals from all around the world for an online co-op adventure, or gather your gang for an offline multiplayer LAN game.
  • Various game modes and features. Do you prefer brains over brawls? Develop a plan to withstand numerous onslaught in tower defense mode!
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