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ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest Game Tier List and Guide 2022

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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của One punch man strongest man dành cho bạn.

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One-Punch Man: The Strongest Man launched exclusively in China on 19 June 2019, and now 16 june globally! Based on the popular Shueisha manga and anime series, publisher Tianma worked with a couple of other partners to secure the licensing rights and develop this mobile game.


The story of One Punch Man revolves around Saitama, who became a hero for fun. He went through 3 years of intensive training, 100 sit ups, 100 push ups, 10k run everyday, and gained invincible power. However, he became too strong and could defeat anyone with just a single punch. This caused him to get bored with his life.

You cannot get Saitama-sensei, maybe in the future you can? who knows. Genos is the main character of the game since you get him as your main character at the start. Saitama is kind of an NPC found in various game play modes.


Saitama is the berserk meter. Built up during PVE battles, he unleashes a one-hit KO punch to the selected target.

Thus, he is usually reserved for the final boss. This meter only builds up only once per match. In the automatic battle mode, the system will just use this function once it is available, so use manual play if the battle is a tough one.

The turn-based battle system might seem simple, but it requires some tactics based on what heroes you have. For example, if a character has an ultimate buff that can be applied on another hero which increases attack and speed for 1 turn, you would want him to start first.

Thus, you would want to equip that character with the fastest speed possible with equipment so that he can start first out of all the heroes on screen. Imaging power buffing a hero with an AOE skill, he could one shot the enemy team without them even moving yet if the AOE hero goes second.

This is quite similar to the epic seven battle system.

Other than hero stats, individual hero skills must be taken into account when planning for battles as they attack different positions.

Characters are split into 3 different Faction; Hero, Monster and Outlaw. You can form a party of up to 6 different characters. The character “Series” is something similar to the “elemental” mechanic from most gacha games.

Each character will have two different types of active ability; Basic Attack and Ultimate Attack. In order for a character to use Ultimate Attack, you will need to have enough “energy”. Other than your character’s own abilities, the positioning of your party also plays an important role especially in the Arena.

Certain characters can attack in a row while others can attack in a column and even the whole party. Having a tank character in the front can protect characters at the back.

There are the usual EXP and GOLD dungeons and there is the infinite dungeon known as DNA Laboratory. There is also the Arena, Story mode, boss challenges and exploration.

The first method to strengthen your character is to level your characters. Leveling your characters increases their stats. Next, is evolution, this increases the max level of your heroes.

When you Limit Break your characters, you will gain bonus stats and Star Levels. When your character reaches two stars, it will automatically unlock the Passive Skills.

There are other ways to increase your character strength such as Talents, Character Links, Items and the Saitama System.

Recruiting Characters

Character rarity are divided into SSR, SR, R and N. Based on the Beta, there are 11 SSR characters for Players to collect.

Tier list

Based on the Chinese servers, it has been mentioned that some of the SR characters are actually more powerful and commonly used than some of the SSR characters. Thus, it is important for you to know your character’s strength and build them according to whoever you can get hold off. Some of the better SR characters include; Doctor Genus, Golden Ball and Amai Mask.

CharacterRarityPVEPVPAtomic SamuraiTerrible TornadoCarnage KabutoSuperalloy BlacklusterKingMetal Knight Silver FangAmai Mask

SS Tier Units

SS Tier

  1. Child Emperor

Has a strong ultimate that has an added ability to have a 50% chance of inflicting Stun to the units hit. Making an enemy unit lose a turn creates an incredible advantage.

  1. Carnage Kabuto

Has a passive ability to reflect 20% of damage he receives to the ENTIRE enemy team.

S Tier Units

These units are still considered to be extremely strong but they are not must haves unlike those who are in the SS Tier.

  1. Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai becomes stronger the more Duelists you have in your lineup as he will be able to follow-up an attack each time your allied Duelist hits an enemy.

  1. Terrible Tornado

She has a high damage output especially if you stack her with crits to fully utilize the increase in crit damage.

  1. Tank Top Master

Another frontline tank, this bulky champion’s damage output increases the higher HP he has. This means that stacking him with HP and allowing his passive to stacks makes him both a heavy-hitter and tanker.

  1. Deep Sea King

The monster from the sea is an excellent assassin able to burst out a single enemy unit. His basic attacks also apply Corrode which means that he’s an incredible 4-6th turn attacker.

  1. Groribas

Another monster on the field, this unit gives an easy 30% damage increase to your team right after it casts its ultimate ability to apply Corrode to a row.

A Tier Units

A Tier Units are those who perform well but are outclassed by the sheer stat advantage an SSR unit has over them or because they are outshined by better abilities.

  1. Golden Ball

This SR unit is definitely a must have whether or not you already have Atomic Samurai in your team. He’s an excellent Global AoE nuker and a follow up duelist for Atomic Samurai.

  1. Superalloy Blackluster

Unless you can burst him down in one turn, he’ll just absorb all your hits and heal himself over and over.

  1. Vaccine Man

Vaccine Man works extremely well with a team composed of units who apply Burn and Corrode since he’s able to immediately deal the DoT.

  1. Amai Mask

Amai Mask is an excellent backrow assassin capable of removing annoying support units like Smile Man. His core ability also enables you to gain 6 energy immediately if he kills a unit.

  1. Subterranean King

Subterranean King is another front row nuker that provides the Burn DoT to other units.

  1. Mosquito Girl, Doctor Genus

The two best healers in the game, Mosquito Girl and Doctor Genus provide an excellent way to keep important units alive.

One Punch Man the Strongest: Boros Guide here : https://racketrenegade.com/one-punch-man-the-strongest-boros/

Burn team guide: https://racketrenegade.com/one-punch-man-the-strongest-burn-team-guide/

Upgrading Hero guide: https://racketrenegade.com/one-punch-man-the-strongest-upgrade-guide/

Beginner Guide

Your essential heroes: 1. Three-staffed Lily, 2. Genos, and 3. Mumen Rider, will bulldoze your way throughout the first 3-4 chapters of your game.-Essentials #1: Do level-up your MUMEN RIDER religiously. He maybe not your CORE attacker, but HE is one of the NANNIES in the game that will baby-sit your Main comp throughout the GAME.-Essentials #2: Genos is a good starting CORE, so as much as possible, try and grab ahold of an early ESPER (for that 10% ATK increase). If you can spare a DOLLAR for this game, HELLISH BLIZZARD (Fubuki) is a great starting ESPER.-Essentials #3: NEVER BE TEMPTED in using your ELITE VOUCHERS! Epic Vouchers are a-OKAY! (But you will have the bang of your BUCK if you can roll them 10 times)

QUICK-Level UP Guide

-Keep on doing your daily QUESTS. These quests are essential to your leveling up since the EXP per run in a dungeon is around 6 EXP.-Essentials #1: Be tactful in spending your GEMS to stamina. This is the time wherein your STAMINA is shot throughout the roof. But be careful in spending too much GEMS to stamina.-Essentials #2: This is the time where you must think of your future team compositions. Start out with compositions that DISH OUT AOE damage. You may get AMAI MASK, he is a strongly-recommended CORE.-Essentials #3: Most SR’s and R’s are your FRIEND! I strongly recommend the following SR’s and R’s as your beginner comp and level them up according to your needs:1. Golden Ball2. Amai Mask (one-shot killer in the early start of the game)3. Blue Fire4. Hellish Blizzard5. Smile Man6. Messenger of the Seafolk7. Fukegao8. Beast King9. Iairon10. Mumen Rider (R, but essential buffer)11. Men’s Esthetician Man (R, but essential debuffer: future stages of HeroXMonster)-Essentials #4: Please NEVER MISS YOUR CHESTS AND REWARDS


-Be conscious on the events that are being posted in the game and in the site. Being aware of such events will give you a PREPARATION advantage

-Essentials #1: Please complete your DAILY quests and challenges, since these will be your main source of in-game ITEMS such as coins, badges, and many more.-Essentials #2: Never be stingy in getting your daily STAMINA and VITALITY. Gems can be recovered easily without topping up. Basically, you can accumulate at least 2-3K worth of gems in-game.

Strength Enhancement

Battle Points is the basis of the strength in all of the gacha games. In OPM:TS, you can basically increase the BP increment by accessing the character itself:a. EVOLUTION = farm up QUALIFICATIONS, Medals during the quest proper because there will be a corresponding stop-gap on corresponding levels. By using Qualifications and Medals, you can evolve the character, increasing the BP rating. This is the Evolution PATH of every character evolved:Normal > Green > Green +1 > Green +2 > Blue > Blue +1 > Blue +2 > Blue +3 > Purple > Purple +1, +2, +3 etc…(Currently at Blue +3)b. SKILL = By training up your skill, it increases theSKILL LIMIT of your skill Levels. The higher the limit, the greater output of your damage of your character BP. Limit increments at multiples of five (5)c. Limit Break = This really RAMPS up the BP of your character. Basically, you are to ACTIVATE the corresponding STAR requirement. By activating the STAR, you basically get the corresponding BP for that character (e.g. 1 star increases atk by 100, etc…)What do you need to Limit Break a Character? Simply get the corresponding badge requirement of your character (e.g. FUBUKI is an esper = Esper Badge), HERO Shards and COINS.To Activate 1-STAR Limit Break: 3 ACTIVATIONS (6 badges + 10,000 coins)To Activate 2-STAR Limit Break: 3 ACTIVATIONS (12 badges + 20,000 coins)To Activate 3-STAR Limit Break: 5 ACTIVATIONS(for Normal and Rare: 10 hero/monster shards of the corresponding hero/monster + 35 badges + 30,000 coins)(for SR: 15 hero/monster shards of the corresponding hero/monster + 35 badges + 30,000 coins)(For SSR: 25 hero/monster shards + 40 badges + 30,000 coins)-Basically, upon reaching 2 STARS of the Hero/Monster, It will gain a powerful PASSIVE SKILL (these passive skills are very vital in PvE and PvP scenarios)d. Other BP-increasing items + gimmicks- Figurines, completing Saitama’s quest and activating memories are essential in boosting your BP.- Training (Activated at HOME: level 40 can knock up your BP up a bunch. Save up some manuals. In revving up training, your INCREMENTS must be on a POSITIVE value. Take +2 or +3 and above upgrades as much as possible. You will be needing a LOT of COINS here.-Essentials #1 = If your increments are NEGATIVE or +1,DO NOT SAVE the stats. I’d rather have my 30 slots of stats be added with more than +2 or more increments rather than +1s.-Essentials #2 = Never ever exchange your N and R shards for Crystal S. These N and R shards will be useful in revving up your BP through figurines. Prepare a decent amount of money since you will be limit breaking a lot of them til 2-star or until the quest requires you to reach a certain amount.E. Game Techniques-On Boss Challenges, Club Bosses, and Unnatural Disasters: As much as possible, do NOT PUT the game on AUTO MODE when dealing with PIT-BOSSES. This will destroy your in-game TACTICS since the Computer Code will only assume its initial instructions. (e.g. Mumen Rider BUFF on the FASTEST in the team, Automatic Special Skill, etc…)-Heroic Dungeons can be done on a later date. Just make sure that you have an overwhelming BP to boot. NOT ALL HEROIC Dungeons can be SAITAMA’ed all the way.-Build up BP to increase your reputation. By increasing your BP, this will create an advertisement towards club, thus: The higher your BP, the more clubs will flock on you. Clubs are essential to QUESTS, especially on the starting levels.-Balance out your levels on HEROES and MONSTERS. Both are essential in completing quests like Hero X Monster. You dont want your HEROES only the ones that are on a higher end. Level up your monsters too~!-Essentials #1 = NEVER EVER use your VITALITY CANS when you reach a the level threshold for doing Conqueror Dungeons. Do only the Conqueror for the SAKE of QUESTS! The logic behind this is that YOU MUST REACH level 40 to access the 6th floor of the CD without USING VITALITY CANS. Request for a buddy in doing your 1st to 5th floor dungeons. When you reach level 40, you will be GRINDING for BLUE GEARS (these are items that are way above normal and green items).-Essentials #2 = Please, never do SOLO Conqueror dungeon. The 2 vitality can wasted can be a big deal for a F2P. Always find a buddy to farm gears!F. GACHA Spending-Essentials #1 = Never ROLL out your vouchers individually. DO THEM BY increments of 10-Essentials #2 = As much as possible, never try to spend all your ELITE VOUCHERS on one go. What if there will be an event wherein 10x Voucher rolls are needed?-Essentials #3 = Conqueror’s Blessing in every homes may INCREASE your chance in getting SSR. – Gears basically are BP-increasers in game. There are four SLOTS that a hero/monster can wear. Wearing the appropriate GEAR will boost the combat-effectiveness of your composition. What I strongly recommend are the following Gears:a. Battle Set – 10% HP increaseb. Monk Set – 10% Speed increasec. Martial Set – 10% ATK increased. Prisoner Set – Every Crit, increases DMG by 15%- There are many more GEAR sets but here are the STRONGLY RECOMMENDED Gear part combinations.a. For the BODY:Tank Types = HP + HP (for beginning comp), HP + ATK Bonus , HP + Def Bonus , HP + Crit Bonus, HP + SPD, HP + Block Rate, and HP + HP BonusDamage Dealers = ATK + ATK (for beginning comp), ATK + ATK Bonus, ATK + CRIT BonusRock SOLID = DEF + DEF Bonus, DEF + Block Rate___b. For the LOWER:Tank Types = HP + HP (for beginning comp), HP + ATK Bonus , HP + Def Bonus, HP + SPD, and HP + HP BonusDamage Dealers = ATK + ATK (for beginning comp), ATK + ATK Bonus, ATK + CRIT Bonus___c. For the SHOES:Tank Types = HP + HP (for beginning comp), HP + ATK Bonus , HP + Def Bonus , HP + Crit Bonus, HP + SPD, and HP + HP Bonus, & HP + Res (Great for decreasing ULT Damage from enemies, strongly recommended in higher levels)Damage Dealers = ATK + ATK (for beginning comp), ATK + ATK Bonus, ATK + SPD___d. For the HEADGEAR:Tank Types = HP + HP (for beginning comp), HP + ATK Bonus , HP + Def Bonus , HP + Crit Bonus, HP + SPD, and HP + HP Bonus, & HP + DMG Free (Great for decreasing Damage from enemies, strongly recommended in higher levels)Damage Dealers = ATK + ATK (for beginning comp), ATK + ATK Bonus, ATK + SPD, and ATK + DMG Rate___- Essentials #1: The most Important stat later on the game will be the SPD stat, since it will dictate the pace of the game. Getting the first initiative is always the BEST especially in PvE (Institute of Genetics: 2nd Floor) and PvP.H. Team Comp: What to choose?-Your own Team Comp = Your own strategy.1. Shatter Comp = the most annoying COMP to deal with so far, since SHATTERED status will increase the damage taken by 30%. Many players are invested to this composition.Crucial Hero/Monster in Shatter Comp:a. Atomic Samuraib. Golden Ball, Iairon, Mustachio (Base SR)c. Mustachiod. Child Emperor___2. Damage-over-time Comp = even the tiniest bit of damage, when compounded, will shock even your opponent. Corrosion and Burn are the typical debuffs.Crucial Hero/Monster in DoT Comp:a. Subterranean Kingb. Vaccine Manc. Genos, Lightning Max, Blue Fire (base SR)d. Messenger of the Seafolke. Konbu Infinity___3. The SHA-JU-STUN = nicknamed as Shatter, Injury and Stun debuff, this comp is good for club, conqueror, and unnatural disaster bosses.Crucial Hero/Monster in The SHA-JU-STUN Comp:a. Atomic Samurai, Golden Ball, Iairon, Mustachio, Men’s Esthetician Man, Speed o’ Sound Sonicb. Lightning Max, Sky King, Hammerheadc. Carnage Kabuto, Beast King, Amai Mask, Fukegao, Tatsumaki, Superalloy Blacklusterd. Child Emperor (Shatter and Stun)___4. WEAKEN Comp = personally, my third most annoying comp in game. It really hits you down hard especially in 1v1 clutch games – that WEAKEN debuff really slams you hard 🙁Crucial Hero/Monster in Weaken Comp:a. Tatsumakib. Puri-Puri Prisoner___5. TANKY SHIELD COMP = my second MOST ANNOYING comp. Like, infinite shields. Seriously? And ULT DAMAGE Dampener. It really destroys your momentum. Really good against Heavy hitters.Crucial Hero/Monster in TANKY SHIELD Comp:a. Carnage Kabuto (He has a great HP growth and Life-steal in form of his ULT. Can reflect even the DAMAGE to all opponents!)b. Superalloy Blackluster (The ULT Dampener -_- )c. Mumen Rider (If equipped properly, he can be a great meatshield)d. Fubuki (every action gives shield to the lowest HP ally)e. Tank Top Master___6. Sustained Comp = When damage cannot keep up against the HEALSCrucial Hero/Monster in Tanky Shield Comp:a. Dr. Genusb. Mosquito Girlc. Melzargardd. Konbu Infinitye. Carnage Kabuto (very insane in late game stages of the game)

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