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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của Myfap dành cho bạn.

myFAP is a training portal developed by FPT Education for students as well as lecturers who are studying and working at the school. Through this application, users can look up the exact schedule, detailed transcripts, and rewards with just a few taps. Therefore, this is an indispensable software for anyone studying at FPT Education.

About the myFAP app

This is an application created exclusively for students and lecturers of FPT University. Therefore, after only a short time of being released, this software has gained a huge number of users.

myFAP app

After downloading, users can update information about their children’s learning status through the super simple attendance and scores section. All done quickly on just one phone.

To get a login account you need to contact the school to be able to access the training data. The system will update extremely quickly and accurately the latest information in the application via notification or email.

Therefore, students or parents should log in regularly to update the latest information. From there, do not miss any announcements made by the school. This software is extremely suitable for parents because they can know the progress of their children’s learning.

Outstanding features of the myFAP app

myFAP was created with the main purpose of managing information as well as student learning outcomes. Not only that, parents can also update information about their children’s situation through the results or the process of registering in class with just one phone.

Automatically calculate and rank students

With this system, the school will have a new student management plan without spending too much time. When the system automatically calculates, it gives the most accurate student rankings without making small errors compared to the traditional method.

The interface of myFAP

The myFAP application helps parents exchange information with the school

Not only that, with this application, it also helps parents to exchange information with the school without having to go to the place like before. Or update transcripts, tuition fees that need to be paid in the next term with just a few simple steps on a mobile phone with an internet connection.

Because of these extremely useful features, myFAP has been highly appreciated by users for its convenience. In particular, the system is simply designed to keep only what is most needed to avoid confusion when using.

The myFAP application helps parents exchange information with the school

Download now myFAP app for Android/IOS

If you are studying and working at FPT Education’s system, make sure that this is a must-have application on your phone. With the ability to quickly update information as well as notify students so that students do not miss useful lessons and events. MODRADAR is a place that specializes in providing useful software for people, such as Chrome Remote Desktop and TutuApp.

Some Questions Answered – FAQs myFAP app

Here are the exact answers to the questions I’ve been asking for so long:

Can parents of students use this software?

This is a question many parents ask when they don’t know if they can use this software or not. This application was created to meet the needs of both parents and students. Here, you can completely log in to quickly capture your child’s learning information.

When will the points be updated to the application’s system?

Schools under FPT Education’s system will continuously update information about test scores as quickly as possible so that students and parents can understand. After the exam, you need to wait for the teacher to score and then synthesize it to be able to view it through this application.

What events does this app notify about?

This application is an extremely large database that records all the information in the school to inform students and faculty alike. From there, it is possible to make the most accurate plans in studying and working to bring the best results.

myFAP is an indispensable application for students, parents and teachers working at FPT Education schools. Because all the information about specific class schedules, test scores, corporate events are updated in detail and quickly here.

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