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Modern Combat 4 APK Download v1.2.3e for Android Latest 2023

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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của Modern combat 4 apk dành cho bạn.

If you’re looking for an action game with a story mode and great graphics, Modern Combat 4 Apk is the perfect choice. It’s one of the most popular first-person shooting games out there and it has amazing 3D visuals that make playing it feel realistic.

Modern combat 4 apk

This is the fourth version of the Modern Combat series by Gameloft. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour APK is an FPS-based action game with an interesting storyline and is more advanced than older versions of Modern Combat games. This game is a single as well as multiplayer game based on an adventurous storyline where you have to shoot and kill enemies with available weapons.

Storyline of Modern Combat 4 APK

The entire storyline of Modern Combat 4 is based on a war on nuclear energy. The enemy wants to destroy the planet earth to achieve nuclear energy. Elite forces joined to fight against the cruel campaign of enemies. Together with a noble army, you have to complete the task and save the world from the wrath of enemy forces.

Modern combat 4 app

With the FPS action display, gamers can feel the breathtaking excitement of the game. This game has so many quests and mini-games inside, which makes this more challenging and entertaining. Your main goal in this game is to destroy enemies and their bases.

This game has many weapons and guns from SMGs, MGs, Pistols, knives, shotguns, etc. There are also Planes, Armoured cars, tanks and many other vehicles in it, which will help you excel in this game. As you move on with the storyline, the game will become tougher and more competitive.

Key features of Modern Combat 4

Modern combat mod

  1. No.1 FPS game: First-person game has become very famous after CSgo games. This game has been ranked no.1 for the best FPS game for a whole year after Gameloft published it.
  2. High-quality 3D graphics: The Graphics are highly eye-catching. The graphics have been improved, and realistic looks have been provided by Gameloft in the Modern Combat 4 version.
  3. Multiplayer game mode: This was initially a single-player FPS action game, but which the upgraded version, you can now play multiplayer mode with your friends and beat the enemy together.
  4. Action shooter warfare: If you like shooting games, then this will become your favourite with a one-time play. The gun loading and actual warfare graphics make this game cool.
  5. Map and Areas: The missions will be around the globe from the north to the south pole and east Asia to the American continents. You have to clear the enemy troops from around the world.
  6. Amazing Weapons: There are many advanced as well as real-life heavy weapons available in this game.
  7. Armoured Vehicles: The armoured vehicles, helicopters, planes, etc., will be available to use during the story mode. With the use of vehicles, you can easily transport yourself and save your troops from enemy attacks.
  8. No Ads: This game has in-app purchases, but it doesn’t show any ads between your game. So there will be no distractions in your gaming experience.


Modern Combat 4 game is highly regarded as the best first-person shooting FPS game, which really had a heart-throbbing impact among gamers. This game is developed by Gameloft. If you like shooting games which 3D graphics and cool storylines, then you must give a try to this amazing game.

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