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Performance guide for Minecraft 1.19.3+ Clients – GitHub Gist

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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của Mod minecraft 1.19 dành cho bạn.

Video Mod minecraft 1.19

📜 Fabric

Fabric is the “modern” Minecraft modding software that is very modular. We use Fabric in this guide so install it by going to https://fabricmc.net/use/ Download the .jar or .exe and run it.

Below is a list of performance and utility mods to make your Minecraft experience better and most importantly smooth. The list is in order of most importance and they all work together including what they do with why to use them.

📚 How to install Mods

To install the mods below, make sure to find the right version for your Minecraft then download them and place them into your mods folder in your .minecraft, you may need to run Fabric once for it to generate the mods folder or feel free to create it yourself.

Tip: You can find the .minecraft folder by doing Windows Key + R then type %appdata% and hit ok.

🚀 Performance Mods – What & Why

  • Fabic API (MUST)
    • What: API for modders.
    • Why: Needed for the other mods below.
  • Sodium (Extremely recommended)
    • What: Replaces the entire rendering engine with a modern day engine with added improvements.
    • Why: Using a more modern day rendering engine with years of improvement heavily improves the game’s framerate sometimes over 500% of your vanilla frame rate with an added CPU overhead reducement. This is extremely useful if your game can’t get above 30 FPS.
  • Lithium (Extremely recommended)
    • What: General-purpose optimization mod (Similar to Optifine).
    • Why: Improves many game features that takes most of the game rendering time such as Mob AI, Chunk Rendering, Physics & more.
  • Starlight (Extremely recommended)
    • What: Strips out the entire Minecraft light engine and replaces it with a hyper fast built from the ground version.
    • Why: Minecraft’s light engine is extremely outdated and very, very unperformant. This mod completely remakes it with performance being the goal for both clients and servers.
  • Force Close World Loading (Extremely recommended)
    • What: Reduces the time you have to look at the “Loading terrain” screen.
    • Why: Mojang added a hardcoded arbitrary 2 second delay when joining or switching worlds. This removes that nonsense.
  • LazyDFU (Highly recommended)
    • What: Mojang’s DataFixerUpper is a mass amount of rewrite rules for game to run when you enter a world (This is what converts old verion worlds to new versions). This simply only loads them when they are needed and not on every Minecraft startup.
    • Why: The reason why this is highly-extremely recommended is that the client will get slower and slower with each Minecraft version that is released due to the amount of rules increasing each time.
  • Krypton (Moderately-Highly recommended)
    • What: Optimizes Minecraft’s networking stack.
    • Why: Minecraft’s networking is okay but can be optimized and this is exactly what this mod does.
  • Dynamic FPS (Moderately recommended)
    • What: Reduces your FPS when you tab out to free up CPU for other tasks.
    • Why: Very useful for people like me that have Minecraft in the background while coding etc. to free up some CPU I can use elsewhere on my system. Moderately recommendation since it doesn’t improve FPS.
  • Enhanced Block Entities (Slightly-Moderately recommended)
    • What: Optimizes Minecraft’s tile entities such as Chests, Hoppers etc. by using baked models.
    • Why: Boosts your FPS when looking at a bunch of tile entities.
  • FerriteCore (Slightly recommended)
    • What: Reduces Minecrafts memory footprint, squeezing more with less RAM.
    • Why: Only slightly recommended due to RAM not really being an big issue nowadays. Recommended if you’re on a low memory system such as an old laptop.

✨ Utility Mods – What & Why (optional)

  • BetterPVP
    • What: Despite its name it doesn’t only change/add PVP features. It adds new features such as a minimap, armor overview, potion overview, notifications for TNT/Arrows etc. and more.
    • Why: It adds a bunch of new features that are useful for PVP or PVE with each feature being toggleable.
  • Mod Menu
    • What: Adds a “Mod Menu” into the game so you can view your mods and sometimes even configure them.
    • Why: Very useful to see what mods are loaded and configure them on the go.
  • Zoomify
    • What: Adds a zoom keybind feature into the game just like Optifine.
    • Why: Useful for viewing things far away, has a bunch of configurable settings to suit anyone.
  • ShulkerBoxTooltip
    • What: Shows you what is inside shulker boxes when you hover over them.
    • Why: Very quick to see inside of Shulkers without placing them. This can also stop you from getting scammed in auction/trade plugins when they don’t fill the shulker box all the way full.
  • LambDynamicLights
    • What: Makes lights in the game “Dynamic”, including when you hold torches in your hand.
    • Why: Makes the game more immersive.
  • OF Capes
    • What: Adds capes from OptiFine without OptiFine it self.
    • Why: Keeps your paid capes viewable while being able to use better performance mods above.
  • Iris Shaders (Warning: You need a good PC to run shaders and they lower performance)
    • What: Shader engine that works with any OptiFine shaders and Sodium.
    • Why: Make your game look fancy if you’re on a good PC.
  • ClickThrough
    • What: Adds the ability to open containers by right clicking the item frame on it.
    • Why: Removes the annoyingness of accidentally rotating the item frames instead of opening the container you want.
  • Farsight
    • What: Allows you to see further by keeping chunks loaded outside of the server’s view distance.
    • Why: Servers you play on may have a low view distance and this allows you avoid that.
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