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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của Lego ninjago game dành cho bạn.

Video Lego ninjago game

The world of Lego Games is currently, one of the most popular brands out there, and a leader in the world of toys, the company that has created the iconic bricks, which kids and adults can combine with one another to create all sorts of things, as diverse as their imagination takes them. Not only you can create freely with these bricks, but there has also been plenty of theme series created and developed by the franchise, original series such as Lego Ninjago. Because this series of this company sets have become so popular all over the world, and a television show based on it had been also created, a great deal of these games are now available for kids everywhere to play, and the best place you can find and give them a chance is most definitely our website, where we’ve curated this page as well as we could, making sure that only the best games are shared here with you. So, if you are a big fan of this franchise, you are in the best place possible! As we said, the craziness started with the new sets, which first were released in 2011, and they gained even more worldwide exposure after the premiere of Masters of Spinjitzu, in the same year. The show was intended to run only for two seasons, but it has gained so much popularity, that now, so many years later, the show is still going strong with new episodes coming out yearly, with the show currently being in its 13th season. Yes, you’ve read that right, thirteen seasons of awesomeness, with more than a hundred episodes. As you can clearly see, this is a vast world by itself, a great world where we hope you are ready to explore and have fun, just like you will be doing with our apps. If you’re fans of the show, and can’t wait to play them, do it right away, but if you are new to this whole world, we are now going to tell you what the show is about, get you to meet our favorite ninjas, and we will also give you details on the amazingly-fun Masters of Spinjitzu Games you are going to find and play here, all for free!

The world and the characters

Ninjago is a mystical and magical land inspired by Asian culture, which is a combination of old and new. The buildings and the clothing that the characters are wearing are traditional, just like they would look in medieval times, but the time-frame is still a modern one, featuring modern-age technology such as vehicles, robots, and even some futuristic tech that only in an animated show as awesome as this one you could see. The plot of the show is quite a simple one, as it follows a group of ninjas in training, as they learn the art of spinjitzu from Master Wu, in order to use their abilities in protecting the land from any dangers that befall it. Scheming villains, dangerous foes, natural elements, and supernatural beings are always trying to take over the land, and our heroes need to rise up to the occasion to save the day using what they have learned. Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane, Lloyd, and Nya are the six ninja trainees in question, about which we’re going to give you more details, don’t worry! Each of the ninjas is assigned a certain color, which is usually associated with their elemental powers, which is a common trope in this kind of show, and one that has been welcomed in this one a lot as well, with each child watching the show being able to relate with one or other character, their powers, and traits. Lloyd is the main character we follow, being called The Green Ninja, and being the Elemental Master of Creation. He leads the team of ninjas and uses a sword or two swords in battles. He can use green energy to attack and defend himself as well, and started off as more of a villain, as he tried to imitate his father and his evil-doings, with his antics being ruined by the original team of four ninjas. Master Wu is his uncle, and he and the ninjas reformed him, with Lloyd quickly proving himself to be a natural-born leader and a destined savior of Ninjago. We also have Kai, The Red Ninja, and Elemental Master of Fire, who also uses one or two swords in battle, and because of his magical affinity, he is able to be immune to fire, and wield it in battle. He can be quite rash, the kind of guy to first act and then think, and this is mostly because he is passionate and loyal to his friends, always rushing in to help or save the day. The Blue Ninja and Elemental Master of Lightning are Jay, who uses nunchucks to fight, and his powers can let him manipulate lightning, having other skills as well, mainly in the field of mechanics and being very good at technology, which are all abilities that are very helpful in the missions of the ninjas. He is a quick-thinker, always trying to find a solution to a problem, even though he would freak out first. We then have Zane, who is The White Ninja, and the Elemental Master of Ice, whose weapon of choice is that of shurikens, as well as bow and arrows. As you probably figured out, he has the power to control and manipulate ice, and just like ice, he can be quite static. Zane was never very sociable, despite being very intelligent and caring for his friends, and this was ultimately revealed to be because he is part Ninroid, which even he did not know. The first leader of the ninja team, Cole, is The Black Ninja and Elemental Master of Earth, who uses a scythe in their missions, has super strength and can manipulate the earth and ground around, which is certainly a useful ability. He is and always has been loyal to his friends, and is known to really love food and eating, mainly cake. One of the newest additions to the team is the lovely Nya, the Elemental Master of Water, and the Silver Ninja. She uses both swords and spears to defeat her enemies, and she is as though as she is stubborn, not liking to get orders. Still, she cares for the other ninjas, always trying to support them tactically and emotionally, and she is always a skilled mechanic who builds all sorts of useful items for the gang. She is the sister of Kai and has recently become the girlfriend of Jay. Finally, we can’t forget Master Wu, the Sensei, and Lloyd’s uncle, with his father having been The First Ninjitzu Master. His older brother, Garmadon, used to be an antagonist, but now is no longer evil and a friend to the ninjas. Wu is very powerful, having lived for more than a thousand years, and his abilities grant him the power to manipulate matter itself.


Our team has worked very hard to bring you the best Lego Ninjago Games for kids on the internet, all of them being ready for you to play them free of charge! What are you waiting for? Boys, girls, no matter their age, are going to find a great new world where they can become ninjas and save the world from evil, so this is an opportunity not to be missed out on for anything, and the fact that you do all this in a world made out of Lego bricks, only makes it better!

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