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I have had a lot of fun playing around with I Am Fish which as I write this is not quite finished yet, but there is a demo out there for you guys. I would say that puzzle platformer is the best way to describe this game. It is one of those games where at first glance, it looks like it is made for kids, but this is one heck of a challenging game. I think that it is a lot of fun and that is why we are taking a closer look at what it has to offer today.

Fish Are Friends

This game is pretty damn adorable let me start by saying that. The plot of I Am Fish is that there are four fish who are best friends and are living their best fish life. There is Goldfish, Pufferfish, Piranha, and Flying Fish. They are all getting along great until they are separated and now each fish is trying to find their way back to their friends. This is a very cute and charming story that I think is great if you have kids that love to watch you play video games.

Nothing Fishy Here

I will say that the controls of the game do take a bit of getting used to and that is why I do not think that I Am Fish is a game that is ideal for really young kids. There is a learning curve here and I could easily see that leading to a bit of frustration for some children. This is a physics-based kind of game and getting to grip with this is the key to moving your fish from area to area, but each fish has their own set of abilities.

Super Fish!

The selection of fish in I Am Fish is awesome. Goldfish is the most basic, he is in a fishbowl/jar thing and he can roll around the world to get to where he needs to, I found this part of the game to have a bit of Super Monkey Ball about it. The Pufferfish can puff up and when he is puffed up, he can bounce around out of water, but the trick is jumping out of water, puffing up, and then landing in more water.

The Piranha has the most puzzle based of all the gameplay in my opinion as he can use his strong jaws to break stuff. A great example of this is when you are in the sink and the water is very shallow, you jump up, bite the tap and the water starts to fill the sink and you can then move on. It is pretty clever stuff and probably my favorite aspect of the game. The Flying Fish is kind of like the Pufferfish, except when you leap out of the water you can go much further. I found this quite tricky to get the hang of and I would regularly miss where I was trying to land.

Can I Watch You Play?

I said before that I Am Fish is the kind of game that kids will probably like to watch their parents play. It has an adorable art style and each fish has a ton of personality. The whole game world is nice and bright and there is some fantastic animation here as the fish do their thing to try and get through each level.


  • I love how each fish is unique
  • Playing as the piranha lead to some fun puzzles
  • I love how bright and colorful the game is
  • It would be a fun game to play with a younger gamer


  • It can be a tad frustrating in some places
  • I struggled to nail the landing with the flying fish quite a few times
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