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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của Happychick ios dành cho bạn.

Apple has made no secret of the fact that they will only support certain apps and games on iOS and that doesn’t include the emulators that allow us to play games from other games consoles on the iPhone or iPad. Not so long back, the only place to get these emulators was through Cydia, but that’s a no-go for many users these days. There is some good news though – an emulator app called Happy Chick, free to use and not needing jailbreak to work.

What is Happy Chick?

An emulator app, Happy Chick provides support for multiple consoles, offering the ability to play games such as GTA, FIFA, Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Dragon Ball Z, and many more. It works on all iOS devices but better on those with more than 2GB RAM – you get a smoother experience and can play more games.

App Features:

Happy Chick offers users a ton of cool features:

  • Compatibility with hundreds of games
  • Support for over 18 consoles, including Nintendo, PPSSPP, PS and more
  • Ability to import your own external game ROMS
  • Play multiplayer games online
  • LAN support so some games can be played online, no Wi-Fi required
  • Game hosting is provided via private cloud servers, offering faster and more secure downloads
  • Ability to record your gameplay and share it with your friends
  • Customize your own game controls
  • Make your own game maps
  • Syncing between devices via cloud servers
  • Supports all iOS devices
  • More features

How to Download Happy Chick Emulator App:

One of the most comprehensive emulator apps ever, this will never be allowed into the iOS app store, so you need to follow one of these two methods to download it:

Method 1: AppValley App

Released as an alternative to Cydia, AppValley is proving popular as an alternative app store. With thousands of modified apps and games, the installer also offers a choice of other emulators and a few Cydia tweaks, all for free:

  1. Using your Safari browser, download AppValley VIP
  2. When you see it on your home screen, the download has finished
  3. Tap on the app icon and note the name of the developer in the Untrusted Developer error message
  4. Open Settings and go to Profiles and Device Management (Under General)
  5. Tap the name of the developer
  6. Trust it and close settings
  7. Now open AppValley again
  8. Type HappyChick into the Search bar
  9. Tap the result and on the app page, tap on Install
  10. Wait for the installation to finish, and Happy Chick is yours to use
  11. You may need to trust the developer before you can use it, follow steps 4 to 6 again.

Method 2: IPA Installation

This is for those who only want Happy Chick emulator and not the huge choice of apps on offer in AppValley. You need your computer and a valid Apple ID:

  1. Using your desktop browser download Cydia Impactor from the official website; save it to your desktop
  2. Now download Happy Chick IPA file, extract it and save that to your desktop too
  3. Plug in your iPhone or iPad and launch Cydia Impactor
  4. When you see your device name appear in the tool. Drag the IPA file over and drop it in
  5. Type your Apple details in and wait
  6. Cydia Impactor will need a minute or two to retrieve, sign and install the file onto your device
  7. Before you use it, open your Settings app and head to General>Profiles
  8. Tap your Apple ID in the list and trust it

HappyChick is yours to use.

Be aware that using the IPA method brings a problem – if you use a free Apple ID, the app certificate will crash within 7 days, and you will be forced to reinstall it – using AppValley doesn’t bring that problem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Every day we get asked a question or two about Happy Chick so here are the answers to the commonly asked ones:

Can HappyChick be Updated?

Yes, it can. The developers will tell you when an update is ready to be installed and will give you full instructions on how to do it.

HappyChick Keeps Crashing. How Do I Stop This?

This is mostly down to the performance of your device. Clear some space – remove temporary and cache files, uninstall apps you no longer need, delete files not needed, and transfer your media onto an external flash drive. Try again.

Is HappyChick Safe?

Absolutely safe. The developers took their time developing the app, testing it at every stage and issue regular updates to keep it safe. Because you are not using Cydia to download it, your device is not being laid open to the threats that jailbreaking brings. Do install an anti-virus on your device though, just to cover your own back.

HappyChick emulator is the most comprehensive emulator and a great way of playing your old favorite console games once more on your iPhone or iPad. It’s free to use so go ahead, download it and enjoy.

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