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Play Together MOD APK v1.57.0 (Menu/Auto fishing/Lock Camera )

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Anything is possible in this world! Wanna join us and take a new adventure with joy?Download Jojoy and search Play Together in our app store.

Introduce about Play Together

Play Together is a fun 3D game published on December 30, 2020, by the publisher Haegin. The game acquired a big mount of download times and comes with positive feed back on Google Play as soon as it showed up on Google Play. The game develop however doesn’t satisfied of the success in the beginning. They promises more new features are coming soon and we can look forward it.

Customize your own character like God

If you are a creative person and want to showcase your unique person style, you are in the right place! In the world of Play Together, you can almost customize everything you think about. Including gender, hairstyle, skin color, emotions…etc. Let’s be our own God! Try it now by downloading Jojoy here .

In addition, there are lots of outfits you can choose. Such as astronaut, a fireman, and a teacher. Those things above doesn’t intrigue you not at all ? Try something cute ! Animal costumes are available as well, your heart will definitely get melted when seeing your figure putting these animal outfit.

Having fun in plaza center

Most of fun activities take place around a Plaza center. In the place, you can have shopping, eating and even have swimming! Spend some time and give it a deep tour around this place.

Don’t know where to go in the first place when you enter this world ? No worries! When enter this playground, you will be guided by the NPC, just follow the instruction and the dash line underground. You can familiar this game quickly.

Meet with your friends in Play Together

Playing this game alone is way too boring, come inviting your friends and do some stupid things in this world! But what thing you can do together? Driving a car to some where, sailing out to sea, can those be done? Sure, it is! There are also more than 15 mini-games you can play together. So don’t wait and download Play Together in Jojoy

Not only with your friends, but you can also make friends and chat with other players around the world. The interface of the game always has a chat bar below to help you talk more easily with other characters while together.

Show me the MONEY!!!

What if your friends are busy and no one plays with you? Don’t worry, there are still lots of thing waiting for you to do on your own. In this game, you have to make money to buy stuff you want, so just work hard as much as you can.

Once you get money, what kind of thing you can buy exactly? Well… almost everything! From luxury convertibles to vintage old fashioned cars, or an adorable and cute pets are all acquirable. Moreover, there are more 27 types of pets you can get. You can feed them, take them for a walk, and things you will do in a real world. Train your pets as your best friend in Play Together and download it in Jojoy soon.

Money can not only be used on buying things, but also you can enroll in-game school with those money. You can choose to be student, teacher, or even the principal. Try to play a roll which you would not be in your real world. Maybe you will find out it’s good to be that roll.

Features We Offer In This MOD APK

MOD features

  • Fast Fishing
  • Check Big Fish

Download Play Together APK & MOD for Android

Wow, if you read this much of this article, you must interested in this game very much. Don’t hesitate any longer, just download and install jojoy and you will find a lot of fun games here.

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