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Gangstar Vegas APK + MOD (Unlimited Money, VIP 10) v5.9.0t

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Fight and become the top leader of the gang, lead your empire to overcome all opponents to dominate the city of Las Vegas. That’s what you will do when participating in Gangstar Vegas, an extremely attractive, engaging, and dramatic game.


  • Introduce about Gangstar Vegas
    • What is Gangstar Vegas?
    • Gameplay
    • Age of gangs
    • Explore the vast city
    • Lots of weapons and gears
    • Graphics and sound
  • MOD APK version of Gangstar Vegas
    • MOD features
  • Gangstar Vegas Installation Guide
    • How to fix License Error?
    • How to install Gangstar Vegas on your phone?
    • Method 1 (fastest)
    • Method 2
    • How to avoid getting banned?
  • FAQs
  • Download Gangstar Vegas APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Gangstar Vegas

What is Gangstar Vegas?

Gangstar Vegas is developed by Gameloft, a giant in the production of first-person shooters or racing games. This company currently has 21 extremely large game development studios around the world. This time, they were able to combine both shooting and racing elements into the same game, which is Gangstar Vegas, an open-world game that is somewhat similar to Grand Theft Auto.

Right from its launch, Gangstar Vegas has had a huge appeal and created a strong wave in the player community. To date, the game has earned more than 100 million downloads on Google Play, an impressive number.


Gangstar Vegas lets you transform into a gangster, the head of a notorious gang in the city of Las Vegas, USA. You are the boss and there are always people around who want to take you down to take the leader position or bring down your gang. Your mission is to destroy them and become the ruler of that city. Destroy all those who want to kill you while defeating competing gangs.

Players can freely travel, and fight with opponents to become the city’s underworld tycoon. Gangstar Vegas gives you a diverse collection of weapons to destroy the surrounding opponents. Take action before they reach you.

In addition, explore the cities, and carry out shootings here. Start a war with shootings and stabbings on the streets. Drive supercars around the city like a true gentleman to explore the criminal underworld. Attack the hostile forces, and make them pay the price when they want to challenge the king of this city. That’s exactly what you’re about to do when you enter this chaotic underworld in Gangstar Vegas.

Age of gangs

Gangstar Vegas is set in the city of Las Vegas but everything seems extremely chaotic and out of control. Here, car races full of blood or gangs fighting each other take place a lot on the street, and the police seem to be powerless. If you don’t want to be left behind or even lose your life, fight and become the strongest.

You will destroy those who want to harm you and build your own authority. Participating in races, theft, and bombardment are things you will have to do every day in this game. Through those things, players can build their authority, creating a powerful empire like a true tycoon. Join the dangerous chase with the gun in hand, the player must shoot down the opponent before they have a chance to harm you. “Tolerance to your opponent is to be cruel to yourself” is exactly the most appropriate statement for this game.

Besides, Gangstar Vegas always has tasks for you to perform on your way to becoming a boss. There are a total of more than 80 rich and challenging missions waiting for players to conquer.

Explore the vast city

Gangstar Vegas has an extremely large landscape with a map of the whole city of Las Vegas. Everything will be reproduced almost perfectly from the nooks and crannies to the skyscrapers. However, this is not the place for you to drop your soul into the beauty of the city. Going through every corner of the city, you will always have to confront opponents. Fight to the best of your ability, and stay focused on the goal if you don’t want to be the one to lie down.

Lots of weapons and gears

Gangstar Vegas equips players with a huge amount of weapons with almost every weapon you can think of. Pistols, rifles, SMGs, swords… will all appear in this game. There are also other extremely unique weapons such as petrol bombs, flamethrowers, or even armored vehicles, war planes will also be present in Gangstar Vegas. This promises to create an extremely eye-catching bomb sky in Gangstar Vegas.

Graphics and sound

It is not natural that the capacity of Gangstar Vegas is quite heavy, that is because the game possesses a graphics system of great caliber for mobile games. The eye-catching graphic design shows the expectations and enthusiasm of the game maker with the desire to attract players to the vortex of the game right from the smallest details.

Innovative and unique effects increase the realism and stimulation in each battle scene with the top-notch sound system from the top EDM or dance music names in the world.

Gangstar Vegas Installation Guide

How to fix License Error?

If you have never installed Gangstar Vegas on your phone before, you will get a License error. Before installing Gangstar Vegas MOD APK, please follow these few steps:

  1. Open Google Play, find Gangstar Vegas and click install.
  2. After the installation has run, cancel it.
  3. Install Gangstar Vegas MOD APK according to the instructions below.

How to install Gangstar Vegas on your phone?

Method 1 (fastest)

  1. Download Gangstar Vegas XAPK file on APKMODY.COM.
  2. Use XAPKS Installer to install the XAPK file in a flash.

Method 2

  1. Extract the XAPK (ZIP) file.
  2. Copy the folder “com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftGGHM” to “Android/obb”.
  3. Install APK file.

How to avoid getting banned?

Read carefully and follow the instructions to avoid getting banned.

Step 1: After successful installation, open the game to update data. After updating, you will receive a notification that you have been banned by Gameloft. No problem! Please close the game and do some extra steps.

Step 2: Install InternetGuard from Google Play. This is an app that helps you block Gameloft’s control.

Step 3: Open InternetGuard, block all network access of Gangstar Vegas.

Step 4: Open the game. Because the network access was blocked, Gangstar Vegas could not connect to the server, so they cannot ban us. You will successfully enter the game.


Download Gangstar Vegas APK & MOD for Android

Gangstar Vegas is an addictive and thrilling action game with many exciting activities you can do in the game. Download Gangstar Vegas now to experience the feeling of becoming a real gangster!

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