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Dude Theft Wars MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode) 0.9

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Dude Theft Wars brings you to the beautiful city of Dude-o-polis with many amenities. Role-playing Jack, Richie then you can do everything you want here. The player can be an ordinary citizen, a rebellious guy, or a criminal. Dude Theft Wars does not limit what you do, freely perform any action you want. However, pay attention or the police will come to you. In terms of images, anyone thinks of Minecraft, but the gameplay is bold Rope Hero: Vice Town. Find your hobby in the game Dude Theft Wars, players soon enjoy the series of activities here. Whatever you will do is right or wrong, it doesn’t matter.

Jack from his house and start exploring what is going on in this city. The upcoming future of the character will be decided by the player. There are no boundaries in your activity. Players will control their own actions. You can go for a walk, drive a car or fight with others. Even kill people, throw grenades everywhere. Don’t be surprised when other people look at you with scary eyes. Vegas Crime Simulator is also the same game, but the graphics are more appreciated. Vegas Crime Simulator is also the same game, but the graphics are more appreciated.

Dude Theft Wars mod

Download Dude Theft Wars MOD – Become a notorious criminal

To get out of the house, click the icon on the left corner to see some features of Dude Theft Wars. Buy a new car in Duber, you like bikes or a powerful supercar. Everything is here and the condition is that you have to see ads to get the item you want. For me, driving and causing accidents is more enjoyable than bothering many others. The screenplay really becomes interesting when police attack you. It’s no different from a thrilling action movie, you will be a wanted criminal if you have 5 stars. In the left corner of the screen, pay attention to the current number of stars, the more the greater the danger.

Maps – See places you can go

Do not just walk around the neighborhood doing activities that attract the attention of the police. Players should not miss a few interesting addresses in Dude Theft Wars. Gun Shop, Townhall, Police Station are a few examples you can drop by. Pay attention to the color, it is a recognizable sign when you are on the road.

Many different vehicles

There are many ways to have a car. You can buy them in stores, rob others of … RAMP CAR, MONSTER TRucks, Rc CARS. Alien UfO, SKATEBOARD, DragSter, QuadCars, Karts, in this list you like the most. Look for it, it’s all in Dude-o-polis and it will be yours.

Choose weapon

You can’t fight the police with a stick and a few grenades. We need more weapons to fight back when many police attack. With many different levels of money, players easily equip the type of gun they need. AK47, SMG, REVOLVER, SHOTGUNS, depending on the specific situation it will help you escape the FBI chase.

Dude Theft Wars mod apk

Dude Theft Wars lets you rattle the city in any way. No one can stop it unless you don’t want to continue. Create a series of dramatic actions that will cause a headache for the people and the police. Download Dude Theft Wars MOD APK to become a notorious criminal with your own style.

Download Dude Theft Wars MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/God mode) for Android

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