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Dead Cells 3.2.4 APK + MOD [Menu/Money/Unlocked DLC] Download

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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của Dead cells mod dành cho bạn.

Dead Cells MOD APK is a great action game from the publisher Playdigious. Despite the simple gameplay, along with the familiar 2D graphic style, this game won a lot of sympathy from the worldwide player community. In this article, we will find out what is interesting about it.

Note: You can refer to fighting games like Shadow Fighter 2 or Shadow of Death 2.

Introduce about Dead Cells

Dead Cells was actually launched three years ago on Steam, specifically for PC platforms. Recognizing the development of this game, game developers in turn exploited and brought it to many other platforms such as Nintendo Switch or mobile. Over 2 years of development, Dead Cells was also officially available on mobile platforms not long ago through the App Store and Google Play.

Join the game, players will play an anonymous warrior with the task of exploring a deserted island in the open sea. Here, a lot of enemies and traps are always lurking, threatening your life whenever. With skilled combat and movement skills, you will have to fight the enemy, overcome many different locations, and find the final secret.


In terms of gameplay, Dead Cells is a combination of action role-playing gameplay with 2D graphics on the horizontal screen. If you are a person who has played Gameboy games before, you will definitely feel familiar right from the first experience of this game. Through the game, players will be free to control their characters moving around the map to complete the assigned challenges. The special thing is that the map in this game is made up of many regions, each of which will bring its own characteristics to give players the freedom to explore anywhere they want.

Initially, Dead Cells will give players two main weapons including swords and bows. You will try to use these two weapons proficiently before thinking of using other weapons. This game owns an extremely diverse weapon system such as machine guns, swords, darts. Therefore, you can easily choose the weapon that best suits your preferences. Remember that enemies will get stronger in stages. So you need to upgrade your weapons and skills constantly if you want to continue the adventure.

Easy control

The control mechanism of this game is relatively simple and suitable for the majority of players. The virtual steering wheel is located on the left of the screen will help players control their characters easily move. Besides, you need to press the virtual buttons on the right of the screen for the character to perform some actions. Such as jumping, throwing darts, activating traps. In general, the control system in Dead Cells is quite similar but still gives players convenience during use. If you feel the control layout is not good, try to adjust their position and size as best as possible.


Besides the above factors, the Playdigious publisher also integrates an extremely diverse upgrade system in Dead Cells. This means that there will be many weapons that you can own, use, or upgrade throughout the game experience. However, most of the powerful weapons were not available in the first place. You can find them by destroying monsters on the game screen. Thereby having the opportunity to receive blueprints to create new weapons. Remember that upgrading weapons is not always necessary. Sometimes, they will make you feel extremely difficult to use compared to the original.

Classic pixel graphics

The graphics of this game is also an extremely interesting element that helps it get the love of many players. The 2D graphic style combined with the pixels that Dead Cells bring makes many players feel like enjoying the game a few decades ago when the smartphone is not as popular as it is now. Basically, the character images, as well as monsters, are built in their own style. It promises to bring players interesting from the first experience.

Why choose the MOD APK version of Dead Cells?

1. Why choose the MOD APK version?

You may not know, Dead Cells is a paid game on the App Store as well as Google Play. Therefore, you will have to spend an amount equivalent to $ 8 to be able to download it to your device and experience. However, when downloading the game at MODDED-1, everything will be completely free. You just need to follow the instructions immediately below to be able to enjoy the game immediately.

New update in Dead Cells

Version 3.2.4

  • Boss Rush
  • Everyone is Here Vol.2
  • Fixed crash when selecting skin out of bounds with controller
  • RAM disclaimer shown only one in the app lifetime

How to install Dead Cells

Ensure that other versions of Dead Cells installed via the App Store or Google Play are removed from your device before proceeding with the installation.

Step 1: Download Dead Cells (APK & MOD) available below this.

Step 2: Click the settings button and allow the device to be able to install unknown applications.

Step 3: Tap Install.

Step 4: When the installation process is complete, just click on the game icon that appears on the home screen.

Download Dead Cells MOD APK for Android

Are you looking for an RPG with classic pixel graphics? Dead Cells will definitely be a great choice. This game offers an extremely diverse screen system with extremely high difficulty. So, you will always feel excited to enjoy it.

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