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Cytus II APK 5.0.1 [Full Paid/Patcher] Download for Android

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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của Cytus 2 apk dành cho bạn.

Cytus II APK is an anime music game that you cannot miss at the moment. Play now to immerse yourself in extremely catchy music in many different styles. Lovely anime girls will be artists with great potential but need more training from you. So do you want to conquer them all?

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Introduce about to Cytus II

Cytus II – Music game that trains players’ reflexes

This is a fairly new game from the publisher Rayark International Limited. Currently causing fever in the gaming community when owning more than 1 million installs and 4.5 / 5 rating points on Google Play. This is one of the outstanding online rhythm games that bring the music genre back to the market once again.

Cytus II

This game has a Japanese style in every aspect, from the music, the plot to the character images and the setting. So, if you are a cherry blossom lover, this is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in J-Pop music and cute anime girls. The gameplay of the game is quite simple, can be suitable for all types of players. Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand when it quickly won the hearts of a large number of fans.


Although it is a simple game, Cytus II still possesses a complete and attractive storyline. The player is placed in a special context, related to a legendary DJ by the name of Æsir. During a concert, this guy mysteriously disappeared and no one knows what he really got into. Therefore, the player will become a DJ to find out what is happening in this concert. Even so, you can also skip this storyline and experience the game normally.

Characters in Cytus II

This is probably the most loved part of Cytus II, the characters in the game are girls with lovely and stylish looks. Have you ever watched J-Pop or K-Pop groups? They are also all talented, beautiful, and sweet artists. I especially like their design style in the game when they put on gorgeous performance costumes. They walked on stage like real stars.

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More specifically, each member will have their own fully built stories. You will discover them step by step through performances, practice hours in the gym, or breaks. The stories will be told through dialogue and accompanied by the expressions and actions of the characters. Although the interaction is not too deep, it is enough to make you excited.

More than 50 songs and special events

Cytus II currently owns a collection of more than 50 songs, including original Japanese songs, cover songs by artists, and anime songs. The tunes in the songs are varied because they are of different genres. You can find vibrant and fresh melodies or soft, melodious melodies, and so on. Besides, new songs will be added regularly to refresh your collection.

In addition, many featured events are also available for you to join with your DJs. These can be competitions between group members or between bands. They often occur spontaneously, rather than competitively. The competition in the game Cytus II is not so important as long as you feel happy. So relax with it more.

How to play music?

Basically, the gameplay of Cytus II is very simple and suitable for playing on mobile. Just like when you play Magic Tiles 3, the musical notes will play on your phone screen. You just need to click and swipe on the screen at the right time to complete the note in the tunes. So you can both play and enjoy music to relax. But pay attention, the speed of the song will increase over time to increase the challenge for you. Besides, images of sweet anime girls will often appear on the screen. And they can distract you.

Beautiful anime graphics

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Although it only owns a 2D graphics platform, everything in the game is very vivid and beautiful. Especially the images of the characters in Cytus II are very carefully designed in terms of appearance, expression, and movement. In addition, the sound in the game is also an important part of the success of this game. The catchy anime music has always been a factor that reminds me of Cytus II. So, both in terms of visuals and sound, this game does well. Overall, its display quality has improved quite a bit compared to the first version.

How to install Cytus II

We offer you the APK version of Cytus II suitable for various platforms. To download, read the following instructions:

Step 1: Download the Cytus II version (APK + OBB) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Extract the OBB file, then move the “com.rayark.cytus2.zip” file to the Android/Obb folder.

Step 3: Tap install.

Step 4: Complete the installation, the game icon will appear “Cytus II by MODDED-1.”

Download Cytus II APK for Android

Cytus II is one of those free rhythm games. You can play it anywhere and anytime on mobile phones and tablets. This game makes a strong impression on gamers thanks to its unique musical gameplay and careful investment in music, images, plot … The presence of sweet DJ girls with performance costumes Beautiful also leaves a good impression during your playing time. Moreover, the musical melodies in the anime make players remember forever because they are really excellent.

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