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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của Brawl star apk dành cho bạn.

Brawl Stars is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter game. Where players battle each other in several online battle modes with varied goals ranging from being the last Brawler alive to collecting the most diamonds. You can also call in your teammates and play team-vs-team modes like Deathmatch, or Heist (break into the other team’s safe).

The game’s characters and graphics give you real solid gameplay and look. The game’s combat system is very satisfying and each of the 30+ characters has their own unique attacks, passive skills, and super moves. To unlock new Brawlers, you’ll need to either open Brawl Boxes and Big Boxes through gameplay or purchase them for real money in the store. Learn More.

Download Brawl Stars now

Brawl Stars joins strategy and great game controls to bring you fun gameplay. Download the game now by clicking on the download button. And install the Brawl Stars APK file to start playing with your Brawler superpowers. As you progress in the game the going gets tough and you have to focus more on your super moves.

One great aspect of the game is skill-based matchmaking. Where a player always plays with and against players who have the same number of trophies with the brawlers they are using as the player has with the brawler that they are using.

You can only use the super move once. But Super Moves can change the tide of battle with powerful effects like building a giant turret to destroy enemy attacks. Or creating a black hole to suck in enemy brawlers clearing the field for some extra points. You can also win loot boxes by performing well at your matches.

New brawlers are unlocked through the in-game shop, the trophy road, and brawl boxes. Players are granted rewards from the trophy road that include new brawlers, coins, tokens, and brawl boxes. As they gain more trophies by winning matches.

Loot boxes contain shards that you can collect to unlock new characters and cosmetic skins to change your Brawler’s looks. The first game mode you’ll find yourself in is Gem Grab. Where two teams of three try to collect 10 gems and hold onto them without dying until the countdown expires.

Brawl Stars Game Modes

There are also limited-time events like Hot Zone, Graveyard Shift, and Present Plunder. And there are ticketed events like Robo Rumble, Big Game, and Boss Fight. Finally, every month there is the Brawl Stars Championship mode. Where a player needs to get 15 wins in the 3v3 modes before they reach 4 losses.

Brawl Stars-themed events give you special objectives like collecting gems or defeating waves and waves of bosses to collect unique rewards. But the catch is they are only available for a limited time. Usually only for one weekend so you have to keep an eye on the events schedule if you want to grab that unique loot.

There are several other 3v3 Events, like the deathmatch-style Bounty and the base-defense. There’s even a soccer mode called Brawl Ball that was added to the game after the latest update release. So are you ready to play Brawl Stars? Let us know if you liked the game and check out its other cousin game called the Dank Tanks.

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