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B612 APK for Android – Download

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Trong bài viết này gtvthue.edu.vn sẽ chia sẻ chuyên sâu kiến thức của App b612 dành cho bạn.

Free camera media editing app

B612 is a free camera app that also has photo and video editing capabilities, developed by SNOW. It lets you take a selfie instantly and choose from dozens of filters in real-time showing you what you would look like before capturing the image.

Unlike other photography apps such as BeautyPlus, B612 is not limited to only photos since it can also capture and edit videos. Whether you plan to use it for photos that look professionally taken or for capturing fun moments in clear, vivid colors, this is the app for you.

A lot of filters to choose from

One feature that invites a lot of people to use B612 is the wide range of filters available. From basic beautification filters to the more fun and outrageous augmented reality (AR) filters, you can definitely find them here. This variety makes this app a reliable photography companion for taking photos for every occasion. Furthermore, there is a custom filter feature, which allows you to design and create your own filter.

There are other features that would allow you to create unique social media posts. Its GIF Bounce feature allows you to shoot short videos, create GIFs, and share with friends or post on your social media accounts. Also, you can opt to use the camera’s high-resolution mode and night mode, ensuring that you still get clear and beautiful images despite less than optimal conditions.

For videos, this app also proves to be a valuable asset since it covers all you need: from pre-video camera settings, filters, to post-editing with its music library. You can capture and share your fun and exciting moments every day with different effects. Then, you can edit these videos over any of the 500 music tracks available for free, without worrying about copyright infringement and getting muted anytime after uploading.

As a standalone photo editing app

As a standalone camera and photo and video editing app, B612 is not designed to integrate with other camera apps on your phone. One glaring limitation with this platform is that it doesn’t allow you to import media from your device’s Camera Roll. This means that all images and videos have to be taken within the app’s camera to allow post-processing within the same platform.

Also, for first-time users, opening the app can overwhelm users with almost all options, filters, and editing options available right on the home page. Some users spend a couple of minutes browsing through filters and trying them out one by one-a great thing if you have the time. Otherwise, getting used to the app improves the time you need to process photos and videos for all your needs.

Upgrade your device camera

B612 is a highly recommended camera app for your device, offering a large selection of filters and effects that you can use right at your fingertips. It offers a wealth of features for both photo and video needs such as a GIF maker and a music library for video post-edits. However, it doesn’t process already existing photos and it takes time getting used to taking photos with the app’s built-in camera.

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