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Garena Free Fire is a hugely popular mobile survival game designed to provide players with an enjoyable social experience. Players of this game will be participating in confrontations with each other to be able to destroy the opponent to become the last survivor in the game.


  • Introduce about Garena Free Fire
    • What is Garena Free Fire?
    • Gameplay
    • Game mode
    • Lots of guns and equipment
    • Upgrade guns
    • Achievements of Garena Free Fire
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  • Download Garena Free Fire APK & MOD for Android

Introduce about Garena Free Fire

The Battle Royale genre is probably no stranger to all of us, when surely there are times when you will hear PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legend… the monuments of the survival and circle game series. But on the mobile platform, there is also a very popular name. Although not possess glossy graphics like the other monuments, for fans around the world, there is only one new name worthy of this position: Garena Free Fire. Let’s find out together!

What is Garena Free Fire?

Garena Garena Free Fire (also known as Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds or Garena Free Fire) is a mobile battle royale game, developed and published by Garena Studios. The beta version of Garena Free Fire was released on November 20, 2017, for Android, and was officially released on December 4, 2017, for Android and iOS. Garena Free Fire surpassed 500 million downloads on Google Play in 2020, making it one of the most popular survival shooting games on mobile.


Garena Free Fire is an action game in which 50 people join the fight in a battle royale, which means they will fight each other and by all means, become the last one standing. The main difference between Garena Free Fire and other games of the same battle royale genre is its character system and skills.

Players can choose how to enter a match: solo, in pairs, three, or even more as a group of four. When the new match begins, the player will board a plane with and without any equipment. The system will randomly select the flight path. After landing, players can search buildings to find weapons and equipment that will help them survive and defeat other players.

Every few minutes, the map’s play area shrinks into a random area, and players outside of this shrinking area take damage, For a while if don’t run inside, the player will die. In addition, in the game will randomly appear red areas, where there will be a bombardment that threatens the players standing in this area. On average, a full match usually lasts no more than 15 minutes.

Game mode

Garena Free Fire currently owns a lot of game modes so that players can change the experience:

Survivor: You will be put on a fiery battlefield and your mission is to be the last survivor of a deserted island with 49 guys trying to take you down.

Rank: You can show off your talent in front of your friends

Flaming Arena: where you will be given $500 to buy weapons and compete with your teammates against the enemies.

In addition, Garena Free Fire always updates regularly with new modes for players.

Lots of guns and equipment

The next highlight of a survival game is the equipment. Garena Free Fire possesses an extremely large arsenal, from 12-round pistols to rifles weighing hundreds of rounds that can destroy any terrain from the most basic weapons like a pan to an endlessly rechargeable stun gun. In addition, each weapon has a different parameter, different recoil, different number of bullets, extremely realistic. It is at this point that many players do not feel bored with what the game offers.

Upgrade guns

In this game, you can paint guns to be stronger. That’s right, very few games dare to do this. Because usually, a battle royale survival game needs the most fairness between players. But with Freefire alone, Garena is ready to create skins for guns, and increase the stats for guns when painted. This is acceptable because the gun skins are so beautiful and diverse. Accompanied by tweaking weapon parameters, the equipment is not too hegemony. This is indeed a smart move.

Achievements of Garena Free Fire

One of the things that make Garena Free Fire’s success is probably that the game’s graphics require moderate configuration, compatible with almost all devices on the market today, but Prime game reviewer Muhammad Bilal Sharir notes: “If you like games with good graphics then we don’t recommend playing Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds. But if you like Battle Royale games and simply want to play with your friends for fun then you should play this game.”

Not stopping there, the big tournaments along with the extremely attractive prizes for Garena Free Fire home gamers are also one of the extremely attractive factors for gamers. That is also one of the reasons why Garena Free Fire is so popular. Not only that, but Garena Garena Free Fire is also one of the most popular games in 2022. Along with games like Coin Master, Rise Of Kingdom, and Goddess of Genesis, Garena Free Fire also reached the top favorite game in 2022. It can be seen that Garena Free Fire has always maintained its attractiveness with time.

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royale mobile games. It was the fourth most downloaded game on the Google Play Store in the fourth quarter of 2018, and also the fourth most downloaded game worldwide in 2018 on both the App Store and Google Play Store. The game had over 800 million downloads in 2021, making Garena Free Fire the most downloaded battle royale mobile game, across Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, and PUBG Mobile (if not counting Game For Peace – the Chinese domestic version of PUBG Mobile), and grossed approximately $19.3 million in monthly revenue as of December 2018. The game has become a significant financial success for Garena.

Download Garena Free Fire APK & MOD for Android

In short, Garena Free Fire is a survival shooting game that’s suitable for adventurous and adventurous players. A feature of Garena Free Fire is that the player must always be in motion, using skills and techniques so that you can both move quickly, avoid obstacles on the road, and at the same time can pick up new items. So what are you waiting for, let’s download Garena Free Fire now!

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