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Netflix is the world’s most popular video streaming application. Currently, the application is available globally, with a variety of content sources from movies, TV series, reality shows, documentaries, cartoons, reportages, programs with in-depth content…


  • Introduce about Netflix
    • What is Netflix?
    • What can you watch on Netflix?
    • The experience of watching movies can’t be faulted
    • Subtitles & voiceover
    • No need to search, still find your favorite movies
    • No Internet connection? Does not matter
    • Plans & prices
  • MOD APK version of Netflix
    • MOD Premium features
  • Frequently asked questions
    • How to use
    • Netflix Premium MOD APK FAQs
    • Other FAQs
  • Download Netflix Premium MOD & APK for Android

Introduce about Netflix

What do you do for fun after work? Listen to music, play games, read books, hang out with friends… and this list cannot be without a very important thing: Watching movies.

If you’re a movie nerd, it’s impossible without Netflix!

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an application for watching movies online that originated in the US. This streaming movie service was first launched in 1997 by Netflix INC and began offering a paid subscription plan in 1999.

The company previously specialized in DVD rentals of movies and other content. But after transforming into an app and operating entirely online, Netflix was one of the pioneers, quickly becoming one of the world’s largest, most prestigious, and quality streaming services.

Netflix is now available globally (except for some countries with strict communication policies such as China, North Korea).

What can you watch on Netflix?

Netflix has a huge and diverse movie library.

On this app you can find almost anything you need. Not only movies, TV series but also documentaries, reality shows, science movies and more entertainment content.

Exclusive content store is an excellent plus point of this online movie watching application. There are many quality movies/shows produced by Netflix itself that you cannot find anywhere. For example, the series Stranger Things, Money Heist, …

Every year Netflix releases about a few dozen to more than a hundred movies, not to mention TV shows and documentaries. These works are of high quality, targeting the trend of the user community, the famous director, the veteran actors, the good script, the delicate shooting aesthetic plus the number of movies and programs from other manufacturers. Not surprisingly, the movie collection on Netflix is ​​always superior.

The plus point is that Netflix has movies in all genres and for all countries from Asia, Europe to Latin America…

The experience of watching movies can’t be faulted

Watching movies on Netflix, whether on the web or on the app, is smooth and impeccable.

First, Netflix owns infrastructure all over the world. They deliver movie content via CDN at lightning speed. So even if the movie you watch is very high quality, you will still be able to watch it without any problems.

Second, the movie watching experience is never interrupted by ads. While Youtube makes money from ads so they put a lot of ads in the middle of the video, Netflix makes money from subscribers and they have created a much better business model. Whether you’re using a Premium subscription or a free plan, you’ll never see any ads.

Third, if you didn’t finish watching a movie and come back, you will be taken to the correct location because Netflix remembers where you are watching the movie. You also get a notification if the series you’re watching has a new episode.

Subtitles & voiceover

Many streaming services make mistakes with subtitles. Users can’t find subtitles in their country to watch easily, subtitles are incorrect, mistranslation subtitles run before/after scenes, subtitles insert text in difficult-to-read colors…

These inconveniences to Netflix have been solved quite thoroughly. All or most of the movies are watched with subtitles corresponding to the language of that area. Subtitles run accurately, are easy to see, and are easy to read, even when you watch movies on mobile screens of relatively limited size.

The voiceover sound is more limited, but basically quite complete.

No need to search, still find your favorite movies

You can find different genres of movies to watch on Netflix’s homepage such as Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, and Thriller. In particular, Netflix has The Top 10 TV Shows and Top 10 Movies lists so you can enjoy the movies or TV shows that are trending. These lists are updated daily with the top TV shows and movies in your country.

The more you watch, the better Netflix gets at recommending TV shows and movies that you’ll enjoy. Based on your movie’s history of watching movies, Netflix can analyze behavior and suggest you that films you may like. For busy users, this is a great feature. Because it helps you not waste time searching and still find the right movie for you.

For example, my mother likes to watch Korean movies. Then under the big poster mentioned above are the items: Made in Korea. Then go to Continue Watching for [profile name] (so you can continue watching your unfinished movies). Next, Trending Now (currently hot movies). Then Recommend from Netflix, for example Business Proposal (because you like Business Proposal movies, the app will now recommend movies of the same genre or of the same main actors). Next is the My List section that lists all the movies you’ve added to your My List before. Then the New Releases section lists all the new movies released from different countries not just Korea. And finally Only on Netflix (Netflix exclusive movies).

No Internet connection? Does not matter

Imagine you are about to go on a trip and you can’t have an Internet connection anytime, anywhere. You can still watch movies on Netflix. The app allows you to download movies for offline playback.

Plans & prices

While Netflix offers a free plan, the free plan is only available on Android phones and of course you only get to watch a limited number of movies. When you upgrade to a premium plan, you unlock all of Netflix’s features.

You can refer to the list of Netflix plans:


Frequently asked questions

How to use

Netflix Premium MOD APK FAQs

Other FAQs

Download Netflix Premium MOD & APK for Android

An ideal weekend evening when we can sit and watch our favorite movies with our family. Netflix opens up a world of unlimited movies for you. What are you waiting for? Download Netflix now to your phone to update the hottest TV series in the fastest way.

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